Three Types of Paper Box Common Seen in Everyday Life

When you tell your suppliers of packaging that you would like to order a paper box for your new products, It is good for both of you to understand which types of box you might need because different types of box simply not the same in aspect of manufacturing and cost.

The most commonly seen paper packaging box are:

1) Corrugated Box.

2) Folding Carton.

3) Rigid Box.

General Speaking, Corrugated box are belong to the category of Fording Box. Here when we say corrugated box we refer to those heavy one normally used for shipping.

Let's go through each types of boxes one by one.

The Corrugated Box.

As it was called, the Corrugated Box are made by Corrugated paper board to provide extra strength to the box itself to protect the items inside of the box.

The corrugated paperboard normally includes at least 3 layer of paper. As an example, a single wall corrugated paper board contains 2 flat layer of paper (called Linerboard) and 1 flute layer of paper (called corrugating medium)

Corrugated boxes are normally used as outside case for shipping, you might have noticed already that all FedEx parcel coming to you are standardly protected by an corrugated box.

If the items we shipped are heavy and expensive which requires more protection, We will suggest you to use double wall or thriple wall paper board with thicker flute layer.

Folding Carton.

Folding Cartons or Folding box, are most commonly used for the packaging of consumer products. When you buy a sleeping peels in a pharmacy, you will find most of them are packed in a folding carton.

The advantage of using the folding carton is to save shipping expense. They could be thousands of shape depend of how they are designed. The designer for your folding carton will create an 2D drawing which shows the key line (Die-Line & Scoring Line) of the carton. The rest of the job will be pass to a manufacturer, they will find the correct material according to designers instructions and bring the drawing to a box.

A typical folding carton and its key line drawing.

When the mass production finish, the folding carton are packed and shipped as a flat sheet of paper died and scored already. Most of time, a printing process will be done at early stage before we send the paper to the die cut process.

Rigid Box

A rigid box is a box which cannot be folded and it will stay the same shape when it is produced, shipped and sold. some people also call it "set-up box".

A IPhone packaging box is an typical rigid box. It is normally used high grade and decent paperboard material as most of the time they are used for the packaging of expensive items, such as watches, electrical products, Jewelry etc.

The Disadvantage of using a rigid box is the higher cost of shipping compared to the folding carton. Because the it cannot transform to a volume-saving piece of paper sheet, you actually spend an additional amount of money shipping the air inside the rigid box.

That is why you will only see rigid box packaging for an high value products.

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